3 successful mobile marketing strategies to win customers

It is the right time for companies to bet on mobile advertising


Study after study confirms that we are in the mobile era.

The smartphone is the main Internet connection device for 52% of Internet users, while the computer is the most used by 43%, according to this report by We Are Social and Hootsuite of 2018.

These data confirm that it is the right time for companies to bet on mobile advertising.

Think about it, your potential client finds it very difficult to live without your Smartphone. We constantly access to see our email, instant messaging, social networks, consult information, listen to the radio or make purchases through mobile.

So to carry out marketing campaigns adapted to these devices is, without a doubt, an opportunity.

If you want to get directly to the buyers, stay until the end of this post and be surprised with the main promotion strategies that you can use on your mobile.


mobile marketing

How to use mobile marketing to win customers


1) Mobile advertising

The click-through ratios on mobile-targeted ads are higher than those on the computer, so mobile campaigns are more effective. You know why?

On a desktop computer, if you view a web page, you will see different advertisers on the screen competing for your attention. However, in the mobile, only an advertiser appears on the screen, specifically, a banner at the top, so that by not competing with other ads, the click rates are usually higher.

In addition, there are different types of advertising that you can activate for mobile devices such as banners, optimized SEM campaigns, advertising for social networks or for video.


2) The Courier

If you think that messages via mobile have become obsolete, nothing is further from the truth, as they are a very effective type of advertising for local businesses.

In fact, look how your dental clinic, your hairdresser or your optics continue to send you messages with discounts, birthday greetings or reminding you of your next appointment. Mobile messaging is a direct way to communicate with your customers.


mobile marketing messagesIf you plan to carry out this type of campaign, keep in mind these 3 particularities:

  • Your messages must have a clear objective.
  • That the campaign has real value for your client and contains a call to action.
  • Spacing in time the sending of SMS, since a high frequency of sending will bother the user.


3) The searches

Your potential client accesses Google through his Smartphone. That’s why it’s important for your business to optimize search engines, content or marketing strategies and adapt them to mobile devices.

In fact, some companies are already working on developing content from a mobile perspective to connect with users through information, usage tips or reviews, especially when they are close to their businesses.

For example, thanks to mobile geolocation, businesses can offer discount coupons and special offers to consumers close to their location.

Mobile marketing also offers the possibility of segmenting according to the time slot or the tastes and interests of the consumer, which allows much more personalized advertising.



As you can see, mobile advertising can bring you closer to your potential customers and opens up great opportunities for local businesses, thanks to the geolocation of mobile devices.

In addition, the Smartphone is the main Internet connection device, so the most rational thing is that part of your digital marketing actions are aimed at smartphone advertising.

So if you have a presence on the Internet and want to sell more, mobile marketing offers you a range of possibilities.

If you want to know more digital marketing strategies I recommend this post:  5 ways to boost up your business using Digital Marketing.

What do you think? Have you put into practice any mobile marketing strategy?

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