5 key aspects to succeed in your SEM campaign

How to make a good positioning SEM


Appearing in the top positions of Google with SEO requires time and effort. Therefore, a faster shortcut for companies is to use SEM campaigns. Through paid advertising, your business will appear in the top positions of Google and you can get more visits and customers. Know in this post the differences between SEO and SEM.

But, how can you do a good positioning SEM? You have to have certain knowledge to achieve your goals and hit the target.

Therefore, in this post, you will know tips to make a good SEM positioning in search engines and thus achieve more visits and customers.


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Keys to perform a good SEM positioning

1) Care the expressions and descriptions of the web that the user will find when clicking on the link that you provide. Make sure they are attractive and have good copywriting. Do not forget to put yourself in the place of your client and offer the help you are looking for.

2) Select a large number of keywords and as you advance your SEM campaign you can identify the most effective keywords for you and bet on them. It is not a matter of quantity, but of quality and effectiveness.

3) Use keywords that do not have too much demand but that give you visits. For example, if you have a travel agency, there will be keywords such as holidays, plane or hotel that are in high demand and, therefore, more expensive. Instead of using these terms, you should opt for others such as wedding, honeymoon or banquet that will also be derived from clients in the process of buying a trip. Be smart.


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4) Add extensions to your ads to expand the information of your main message and get more space and visibility on the screen. Use location, site or call extensions.

If you use a location extension, the location of your business will appear in your ad. If you use a site extension, you can link to a part of your website. While if you use a call extension, the user can call your contact number.

5) Plan and segment your target audience, the geographic area to which you will be directed, the type of device and the hours and days of the week in which you will show your ad. If you address the whole world, your message will not be effective. The more you like in your words, you will be one step closer to your goals.


Ready to start a rolling SEM campaign?


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With these tips to make a good positioning SEM, you will know the aspects that you have to work to gain the attention of your potential customers. You can also check this Websa100 article in which they explain how to create an advertisement with a high level of quality. 

If you want to hit the target, do not leave anything to chance: take care of the expressions, copywriting, select the keywords with the head, call the attention of your potential client and segment your target audience.

You are now ready to start an overwhelming SEM campaign.

Go for it!

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