A Chrome extension alerts you if your passwords have been hacked

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Do you know if your passwords are compromised?


Now you can detect if your passwords have been hacked thanks to a free extension for Google Chrome, which has been launched by the company Okta and that detects if your data has been discovered by a cybercriminal.

Okta has introduced the new administrator PassProtect in his latest free Chrome browser extension. Through PassProtect your browser will compare the passwords with the database of Have I been Pwned  to see if the data you are using at any login has been violated or not in the past.


pasword-window-1In addition, PassProtect uses K-anonymity ‘, which ensures that your passwords are never seen, stored or sent over the network during this verification process.

The goal of all this is to help users to play a more active role in protecting their online accounts and thus make the web a safer place.

Although at the moment PassProtec is only available for Google Chrome, the idea of Okta is to develop a version for Firefox and mobile.


How does it work

The user has to write the slogan and a pop-up window will appear that warns of how many times that same data has appeared in security breaches.

Many of these passwords are those that are most vulnerable because of their simplicity. However, the ideal is to use a password as extensive as possible, in which lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and characters are combined. There are even applications to suggest safe passwords.



In the own page of Have, I have Been Pwned they recommend you to use 1Password,  a program that saves the passwords and logs in the sites with a single click. It has a cost of $ 2.99 per month or $ 4.99 for the service 1Password Families, in which you can share the service with 5 family members.

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