Do you feel that your web and social media are not having enough traffic?

I know the feeling of having a new web, investing time and effort in social media, and also in paying campaigns but not having the revenue that we were thinking about it.

This situation can be frustrating, but the main reason is the lacking of a solid Digital Communication Plan.

Then, you need a Digital Communication plan

A Digital Communication Plan is not just a strategy. Is something complete, is the combination of analysis of the actual situation, design of an strategy, implementation of the elements needed and the most important a follow-up of the result. Without the last step it will be not possible to measure correctly if the problem cames from the implementation, or the strategy or even the analysis was not correct.
The way I work is simple, my aim is to help you achieve the goals of your B2B SME thanks the Digital Communications. Nowadays is a must for all companies to have a great presence and awareness on the internet. Branding is more important than ever, so now it is very important to have a strong and solid Digital Communication plan for your B2B SME.

This is how I work

I divide my work always in four clear stages, like that my clients knows always in which phase of the project they are. I believe these four steps are very important in order to measure and achieve all the results and goals for your Digital Communication plan.

1. Analysis

I analyse your actual Digital Communications situation, and put together to whom you want to talk, your services and your goals

2. Design an strategy

Based on the analysis I design an strategy in order to achieve your goals

3. Implementation

Following the strategy, I will create or restyle your web, give you a gidline for the content of your social media, enhance your SEO, and much more!

4. Follow-up

I will analyse how is performing all the elements from the implementation stage, and make all the adjustment needed to achieve your goals

Do you work by project or by hour?

Usually, I work per project and depend on your actual situations and your goals will take more or less time. Having this kind of relationship with my client I can be more involved and find a better solution.

But also, I do consultancies for one hour, where I try to give you some feedback about your project. In this case, it is you and your team who make the hard work and ho lead it.

The Digital Communication plan is a document?

Yes! I always send a PDF document to my clients when I design the strategy, in the second step of the plan. Then we discous together about it and once they accept it we start the implementation stage.

I just need the plan, do I need to hire you for the web or social media?

No! That´s the good thing to tailor my services to each client. In the case that you have in-house professionals to implement the changes for the web, social media, SEO, or SEM there will be no problem at all. The project will continue the same way despite it will be from my side or from your side who will be in charge of the implementation.

For how long will be the follow-up?

Usually, I do 3 months with meetings every other week.


Here you have some common questions and answers about the Digital Communication plan.

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Does your B2B SME need a solid communication plan for your goals?

Your SME has great services, a great team, and great experience, but now you see it is time to adjust your business to the new reality.
I will analyze your actual situation and create a digital communication plan in order to achieve your goals. I will implement this plan to make sure all the actions are well integrated into each other. Lastly, and most importantly, I will analyze the data to make sure we get your desired results.

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