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How can help our business the Digital Marketing


Irrespective of the fact that you are an entrepreneur or an individual, you must have heard about Digital Marketing right? at times you might have even wondered, is it a hype or it is a gift to the world of technology? Well, the answer to that lies in a much broader sense.

Digital marketing is a huge platform, which gives an excellent opportunity to display and promote a business, a brand or even an individual. Since its inception, more than millions of companies across the globe have taken the help of this platform to rise up. In the race of marketing, the digital promotion has left behind the traditional ways of promotion far behind. According to a survey, almost 45% of the media advertising budget is allotted to digital marketing.


So why this sudden shift? In the recent years, almost 90% of the consumers have shifted their attention towards the digital media. This drastic change has forced technology gurus to come up with relevant marketing strategies.

“almost 45% of the media advertising

budget is allotted to

digital marketing.”


It is no secret that the younger generation has almost abandoned the print media. Consumers have become highly digital savvy. With passing time, people have started showing impatience for the traditional ways of marketing. The study says that on an average a person spends close to 60 minutes on social media platforms. They not only connect with family and friends but these people browse more about products and brands.

marketing digital components
If we go a few years back, business owners used to rely blindly on hoardings and newspapers to promote their brands, not knowing it will even generate ROI or not. Marketers have always craved to drive loyalty towards their brand, which was difficult as the scope of two-way communication was not possible. Digital marketing has played a big role in turning the table around. From monitoring to reaching out to consumers, from interacting to a little personal touch now all these are possible.

Let’s take a look at the Digital marketing channels:


1. Social media marketing –

Without any doubt, social media is the most phenomenal change which took place on the digital platform. Regardless of the size of the business, every marketer counts on this arena to spread brand awareness. This certain platform helps a brand to become a brand, to gain recognition and to win brand loyalty. Most importantly it does not cost jaw-dropping amount for all the promotions.

2. Content marketing –

No brand will become a brand if the right message is not conveyed to the targeted consumers. It is highly important to play with words to keep the audience hooked.

3. Search engine marketing –

Well, you have designed a great website, put in some attractive contents and some amazing graphics, will it be of any use if people don’t find you in the web world? all your efforts will go down down the drain if you don’t opt for the process of gaining traffic. The search engine will help you to gain visibility and drag loads of people towards your web address.
Technology is ever changing. Till date, the greatest shift has been the introduction of digital media marketing. With time, it will evolve out to be much better, till then make use of what you already have to become a brand.

There are a lot of e-learning on the net, here you can find very good references from Coursera.

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