Fine to Google for abuse of dominant position with Android

By July 31, 2018google

The company has a period of 90 days to change the signed contracts


A few days ago we learned that the European Union has imposed a fine to Google, the biggest in history for abusing its position in the use of the Android operating system. Specifically, the sanction to Google amounts to 4,300 million euros. Now the company has a period of 90 days to change the contracts signed with the manufacturers of Android phones, affecting the apps that we will use.



After an investigation that has lasted 5 years, the EU has concluded that Google forces hardware developers such as Samsung or Huawei to install Google Chrome and the Google search bar as a condition to granting them the license to use their Play app store.

In the contracts signed between Google and the manufacturers, the latter can not install adjustments or applications that point to a competitor’s search engine in exchange for a small percentage of the income obtained from user searches.

Finally, manufacturers can not sell phones with alternative versions of Android that do not include the above conditions simultaneously.

In this article published by the Vanguardia, you can learn more about the conditions imposed by the search engine imposed on the manufacturers and for which it has been fined.


Use the fine to Google

Google has indicated its intention to appeal the fine. Through a statement has ensured that “Android has created more options for everyone, not less. A thriving ecosystem, rapid innovations, and lower prices. ”



This is not the first fine the company has to face. Last year it was sanctioned with 2,500 million euros for monopoly practices through its shopping search engine, Google Shopping.

The aim of the commission is to defend that consumers have the maximum capacity of choice, the best prices and prevent a situation is created in which the dominance of a company slows down technological innovation.

With these decision companies like Facebook or Microsoft will no longer be limited their possibilities to incorporate their products in phones and tablets with Android.

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