Good SEM based on Great SEO

By November 15, 2017digital marketing

Good SEO makes good SEM


Before getting into the main topic, it is essential to remind everyone that SEO and SEM are not same, even though these terms are being used interchangeably.

SEO or search engine optimization is nothing but a kind of strategy which ensures that a website gets accessible by the search engine. The strategy when well used, improves the chance of getting found by the web visitors. The objective of this strategy is acquiring high ranking in the web search results.

“…SEM expands the chance of getting hold of more targeted visitors…”


Search engine marketing is another form of search engine marketing. SEM exploits the power of search engine to advertise websites to a large number of visitors. You might say that SEM expands the chance of getting hold of more targeted visitors.


Benefits of SEM

How you can see the Digital Marketing, is getting more and more important nowadays. This is one of the most affordable ways to reach a large number of visitors. When you use SEM strategy properly, you succeed in reaching more visitors who can turn out to be potential customers. The best thing about SEM is the luxury of reaching more targeted people. Through SEM you will be able to reach those who could be your clients in the run.

The biggest benefit of SEM is being able to increase brand value. With the increased visibility, you will be able to expand your brand exposure as well. The advertise reaches people who have expressed interest in similar products like your own.

Benefits of SEO

At the beginning of a digital era, SEO was the only tool which upgraded the website ranking. The best thing about SEO is the giving nature. You would not have to pay anything for good search engine result. All you need to give is a little time and effort.

It ensures a higher ranking. Yes, the effect of SEO is slow. It takes time for this strategy to show its effect. However, the effect is guaranteed if you stick to it. SEO is the way to maximize your reach to a large number of people. Yes, you might complain that the reach is not too filtered. Yes, you can say that SEO knocks just about any door. But, you have no way of knowing who would turn out to be your customer tomorrow. This is why at the initial stage you must reach to as many people as you can.


“…SEO is the way to maximize your reach to a large number of people…”


Brand value increases with the high ranking. This is a psychological fact that people trust those websites which come at the top of the page. They don’t usually go down or go beyond the first page. This is why, if you are not on the first page and at the top, you are exposing yourself to the chance of loss of potential customers.


SEM is no doubt effective when it comes to reaching targeted people. However, SEM has a cost. You stop paying and the result goes down. This is not the thing with SEO. Even if the result is slow, it is steady. You would not have to pay per click or per page boost. The result does not even go down if you stop paying.

Without SEO, SEM will void and empty.

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