Google Adwords disappears and renames its advertising service in Google Ads

By July 4, 2018google

Companies can create ads in minutes and generate real results


Google is about changes. The company, which began offering ads 18 years ago to help people connect with online businesses, presented on June 27 its new Google Ads advertising platform, formerly known as Google Adwords.

With the introduction of Google Ads, businesses can now use smart campaigns to connect with relevant customers. In a press release available on the Google website, the company says they create “smart campaigns adapting the technology of innovation and advertising available with Google Ads for owners of small businesses”.


Google AdsThe main advantage of this platform is that now companies can create ads in minutes and generate real results such as receiving phone calls, sending potential customers to their website or customers to their physical store. “We show your ads to customers who are interested in what your company offers. We discovered that smart campaigns are 3 times better so that your ad is in front of the right audience “, they indicate from the company.

In these smart campaigns, Google Ads itself will ask the advertisers for their goals so that they can adjust their ads and obtain the results that interest them the most.


Stand out from the competition

Google Ads allows the possibility of uploading 3 own images or choosing among the photographs that it suggests so that the products and services advertised differ from the competition.

As proof of the success of this platform, Google offers testimonials from companies that have already used Google Ads with satisfactory results, from restaurants to a company that offers yoga classes.

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