Google Chrome updates its design for all devices

By September 10, 2018google

There are improvements in the screen to reduce eyestrain and improve sleep.


From September 4 is already available the new update of Google Chrome, in which the rounded buttons and a greater use of white colour will prevail.

Updates arrive with Chrome 69 and, among them, a password alert policy appears to protect Google accounts.


Google Chrome updates its design

Chrome Browser has a new design in all operating systems. Highlights Microsoft Windows 10 that has a panel of notifications, with synchronized navigation through gestures made in the touchpad and the improvements in the function of autocomplete.

For the mobile version of IOS, Google Chrome now has the navigation controls on the bottom of the screen, so it’s easier to navigate by hand.

Chrome now also offers voice dictation to move from voice to text and text to speech.


Reduction of visual fatigue with the new Google Chrome

In addition, there are improvements to the screen to reduce eyestrain and improve sleep. Users can manage the colour of the screens on their devices throughout the day using Light Night and set the default time of sunrise and sunset or customize their daily schedule.

There is also progress in the administration function, in the protection of redirections and improvements in the installation of Android applications.

The browser also allows great freedom when adding extensions and customizing the user experience.

In this release that the company has published, you can see the new browser updates.


Google Chrome updates its design 2


Chrome is one of the most used free browsers in the world. The first version appeared in 2008 and since then it has not stopped improving its services.

What do you think of these new modifications? Do you think they will bring improvements to your daily work?

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