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Are the plans for this summer sold out? Not everything is work. Take advantage of the summer season to recharge the batteries for the next month of September. And to make your ideas easier, Google has launched a new function that allows you to find out about upcoming events according to your tastes. A very useful initiative that will allow you to inform yourself of all the activities that will be held near your area at the click of a mouse.

To use this feature the user has to type “events near me” in Google and the search engine will instantly return a list of events from a variety of sites and key information about them. You can see how it works on the Google page itself.

With just click on the event you are interested in you will get general information such as time, location, ticket providers or more information about the activity in question.

The user can also buy the ticket directly or go to their website to expand the information.

upcoming events according to your tastes

Incoming events according to your tastes

But the main novelty is that Google now helps you discover upcoming events according to your tastes. In particular, by clicking on the ‘for you’ tab the search engine returns personalized ideas of things you can do near where you are, as well as popular activities or trends in your area, from concerts or events of organizations or brands.

Google does not stop to transform. Already at the beginning of the year, it also launched a new app, Bulleting, where citizens can upload news, events, photos or videos made by themselves as if they were journalists. Now, this function continues to complete the range of information possibilities offered by Google.

What do you think about this function? Do you think it can be useful? At the moment, Google is testing it in the United States, both for the mobile version and for the desktop, but if it is successful, it will soon reach the rest of the countries where the search engine is present.



In addition, to selecting activities for this summer, it will also be very useful if you have a company or business and want to be aware of the events in your sector that are held in your area.

And if you are a marketer, you will not miss any event near you.

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