How often is fine to mail your clients

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How often is fine to mail your clients


For a marketer, nothing can be better than reaching out to the audience. E-mail marketing is one such source which has become the favorite of any person trying to promote their brand. Since this campaign comes at a much lower cost, opting for this source of marketing is certainly the wisest decision for any business owner.

Like every marketing campaign, e-mail marketing has its own pros and cons. With so many people to reach, the marketers generally get baffled with how often is it good to mail clients. Choosing the mailer frequency can be a bit challenging since everyone is looking to bring in business in huge volume. In the process of gaining attention marketers lose track and start mailing over and over again. Well, over mailing can lead to unwanted numbers of subscriptions.

Now on the flip side, under-mailing will take a brand to nowhere. If the frequency of shooting emails is not up to the mark, then the brand might lose high scope of turning a visitor into a potential customer.

Now the main question arises is how to create a balance between over-mailing and under-mailing clients?


Here are few tips to make your mailer campaigns easy and successful:


1.    Create a weekly list of targeted customers 

You should always have the track of the people you are shooting emails to. In this list, you will know which of your clients have already received emails from your side. This way you can avoid over-mailing them again and again. Try to send emails to the same client after one week.

2.    A calendar will help 

Once you have the list of the clients you are targeting, create a calendar. This way you will be updated about which day you should send emails to your clients and on which list you should be sending the mailers.

3.    Track and decide 

You will have to act fast if you are using mail campaigns to promote your brand. Check how many people have responded back to your promotional strategy. You should immediately stop sending emails to customers who have responded or else they might get irritated.

4.    Stop when you see no response 

If you maintain your tracker properly, probably you will find a number of people not responding to your emails. After a certain period of time, you should stop scratch out their mail I’ds from the list. This way you can avoid over mailing them as they might not be your future customer. Probably your content is not attractive to the public you are the focus on. That´s why you need to have a complete idea about content and digital marketing



There is no right or wrong when it comes to marketing strategies. Being a marketing person, you should always know when is the right time to stop. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoe and think, this will answer all your questions. Set up your own rule and follow it in a disciplined way.

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