Discover how to internationalize your company with a firm and agile step

The best way to promote your business and contact international clients


Do you want to internationalize your company but do not know how to start and the steps to take?

Do you want to establish yourself in a certain market, but you do not know their customs and lack reliable contacts to support you to begin with?

To undertake a task of such magnitude is complicated and without the right advice, it can be even dangerous for your business.

On the contrary, if you take the steps at the right time and form and you rely on trusted people you will direct your business closer to success.

If you are interested in setting up your company abroad, in this post I explain to you the most effective and safe way to get it. Do you want to know it?


Internationalize your company through trade missions

The commercial missions are, together with the fairs and promotions at the point of sale, key actions to carry out a direct promotion of the companies abroad and encourage direct contact with potential clients, whether the firms are in the process of starting to export, as if they are already in more advanced phases of internationalization.

internacionalize your company


There are 3 types of commercial missions from which you can benefit according to your needs:

1) Direct missions are visits to foreign markets with the greatest potential for the offer of the company interested in becoming international.

2) The reverse missions are visits to the own facilities of the companies of your country by importers, distributors and specialized foreign journalists, and that takes place on the occasion of the celebration of fairs, tastings, seminars or professional meetings. These are missions of great general interest because they reinforce the image abroad.

3) The study missions are exploration visits offered to sectoral associations and individual companies in order to know how a new market works.


What results will you get from these commercial missions?

If you participate in direct missions, you will get a customized interview schedule and documentation about the target market.

If your company intervenes in reverse missions, you will establish quality contacts and encourage your company to be known in depth by importers and opinion makers.


internacionalize your company with meetings

On the other hand, thanks to the study missions you will establish contact with a new market, through the analysis of its offer, the potential clientele, the distribution channels and the identification of business opportunities.


Examples of commercial missions in Andalusia

In Andalusia, companies interested in internationalizing and foreign companies that want to establish contacts there can go to the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion, Extenda.

This agency supported 778 Andalusian companies in 2017 through 83 commercial missions, 54 direct and 29 reverse.

The markets that attracted the most interest for companies in the commercial missions of 2017 were the United States, Canada, Norway, Germany, Denmark, and Morocco.


“The industry sector, the agri-food sector and the service sector are the ones that accumulate the most.”


On the other hand, according to data from Extenda itself, most of the participants are framed in the industry sector, followed by those dedicated to the agri-food sector, the services sector and the consumer sector.

On the other hand, the provinces that concentrated the most participation were Seville, followed by Almería, Cádiz, and Córdoba.



Internationalizing your company is a complex task, but you can see that you are not alone. There are agencies such as Extenda that facilitate the way to enter the foreign markets with firm steps.

If you are interested in setting up your company abroad, do not hesitate to use commercial missions to establish a contact agenda and know in advance the new market in which you want to venture.

You will start your journey with more security and be knowing the steps to take and that translates into greater speed and success in undertaking your task.

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Do you want to internationalize your company? Have you participated in any commercial mission?

It will be a pleasure to know your experience in the comments below.

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