Landing pages for a new market

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Landing pages for a new market


It is already recognized that e-mail marketing is the leading platform for achieving a successful e-marketing campaign. After reaching the subscriber’s inbox, it should be the ultimate goal to convert to customers. Although the technology for building content-rich interactive landing pages is advanced now, the importance of land page optimization and utilization is often overlooked in an e-mail marketing campaign which makes efforts of building an effective e-mail leads list and delivering triggered e-mails a waste.

If you remember, we were talking about the Digital Marketing for exporting, so, the web it will the center of all this new strategy, and here you can see how important is a good landing page for your new markets.
By definition, “A landing page is a single page designed to get a specific audience to take some action in exchange for information.” Landing pages can offer visitors a means to close a purchase, subscribe to download a promotional product like an e-book or pdf, gain extra information on the product or service and update e-mail preferences. By visiting a landing page a subscriber should be able to immediately tell what you are offering? What are the benefits of your offer? And to get this offer? A landing page should also be comprehensible to the visitor and offer easy navigation.




Common mistakes in landing page design?

Often times it is a common mistake that e-mail advertisers get averted off the main aim of a landing page in several ways.
Off-campaign content: Almost half of landing pages contain multiple offers. Sending out mixed messages to customers looking for more specific information can risk losing their attention or interest in your offer, so it is best to stick to campaign-specific advertising information on a landing page to avoid losing leads.


“A landing page should be continually updated and refreshed to keep visitors interested”


Poor Formatting: As mentioned above it is important to make the content of your landing page comprehensible and clear to the visitors.
Holding on to old landing pages: yet another common mistake in an e-mail based campaign is to launch a landing page and forget about it. Marketers have a useful motto that says “smell your cheese often”. A landing page should be continually updated and refreshed to keep visitors interested finding new offers on special occasions e.g. summer deals, Christmas deals etc.
Lack of mobile-optimized version: It is very necessary to optimize a landing page for the mobile view since most people have their phones within their reach at all times. This makes sure that you have a greater reach and more convenient view to encourage visitors to check out what you have to offer.

landing-page-2Building blocks of your new market landing pages

You will have to do deep market research before creating and launching your perfect landing page. Your design should audience’s psychology and enter your market effectively.
Emotional hook: to launch a successful landing page it is a must to understand the “needs” of the target client you are looking out for.
Craft the perfect headline: The headline of your page to convey a flat-out clear message that instantly gets your visitors attention.
Product description through visuals and texts: what makes your product in particular superior to other competitors? How does your service have an edge on other benchmarks?
Take-home message
Focus on your landing page optimization as much as you do on your e-mail lead generation.
Look-out for the target client needs.
Smell your cheese often, update your content and keep your landing page fresh at all times.

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