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Create your own world, see how to post

Hello, everybody. Here another post for supporting my clients. Today I want to show you how to post in your blog. It´s very simple in WordPress. I’m focusing this post on the blogs that are using the theme Salient.

1. Enter in the Dashboard


2. Go to “POST”

In the left, once there you can manage the Categories, Tags, see all your post or simply add new.

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3.on your mark, get set…go!

Yes, that´s all. There you can put your title, and write on the white box. As you can see “how to create a portfolio“to add the medias and the featured image is the same like the portfolio.

You have a bar on top of the text box, where you can find some options like the Word Office. So you can edit your text as you wish.

At the end, underneath the text box, you can choose how it will look like your post on your blog in the Masonry Item Sizing.

At the end, you just press the blue Bouton in the right and it´s made.



There you have your first post! congratulations!

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