Outdated SEO Tactics

By January 24, 2018SEO

Outdated SEO Tactics That are no more active


We all know that how wonderful SEO can work for your website. As the technology has grown up the old tactics of SEOs has also become old that didn’t work for all in the way it did in the past. Let us discuss some of the old SEO Tactics that are no more active.

seo-outdate-21.  The keyword stuffing

The first outdated tactic of SEO is the keyword stuffing. The keywords were specified words that were shown in the form of lists, out of context, in the way of groups or they were repeated inadequately so that the web pages may appear in the search engine. The excess use of these keywords really worked in the past, but this tactic is no more in use as the search engines have changed the algorithm. Such as Google now uses Latent Semantic Indexing to analyze the context, and see its relation with other terms.

2. Keyword variation

Another old tactic was creating the webpages with a variety of keywords. But now Google has changed the policy, and there is no need to have separate pages for each keyword. Instead of doing this make the pages visually appealing. And the web pages must be optimized and informative enough to fit your keywords in a natural way including tile, content, and headlines.


“If the title is too long than Google will cut your title”


3. Including possible versions of your keywords in the title

Instead of focusing on keywords, you can focus on the content’s creditability, putting all your keywords on the topic is not a cleaver step. In spite of this, you can prepare your title very informative, attractive and it should be short enough. If the title is too long than Google will cut your title. The title must be relevant to your context.

4. The outdated link structure

Now, it has become difficult for the search engine’s to manipulate the ranking by the obsolete link building. Many CEOs are making use of spam and mass link building options. But it didn’t worth more and only help you attain short-term goals.

Especially linking from signatures is primarily followed up by many people. Some people use the backlinks for the footer space from other’s website, and some put in comments on one’s blogs. While exchanging links is also ineffective is these days, but paid links are directly the violations of Google’s policy you can get caught. To avoid this tactic what you can do? You can avoid these risky techniques, and you can remove the outdated links if you already added.

seo-outdate-35. Use of anchor text on the internal links

Using an internal link for linking it to another page on your website is the anchor text that is most probably used. Now, as you click on this anchor text, it takes you to the targeted linked webpage of a website. However, this method is good enough to find more information about the website to the user and also helpful for the search engines as it helps everyone. But this tactic loads the site by containing the anchor text that interlinks the keywords. These days, this tactic is considered as over optimized. It’s still helpful but an old tactic, instead of this you should focus on your website’s structure that should be logical so that the stuff can be easily accessible with a few clicks.

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