PDF or Email for online marketing

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PDF or Email for online marketing

While email marketing campaigns have a good share of a successful marketing campaign, the way we use mails to deliver a message to subscribers and potential customers makes all the difference. With the use of attractive graphics, clear message and an interesting landing page for your email campaign you have a good chance to attract serious customers who are willing to receive your message. But how about using a PDF attachment such as a brochure or flyer with further information on your products? Does it boost your chances of convincing a subscriber to transform into a customer?

PDF attachments is the wrong way to go

Adding an attachment to your email campaign simply misses the mark for several reasons:

PDF attachments to your email may get flagged

as spam by internet service providers, moving it aside to the junk folder of your subscriber before they even get a look at it. This obviously increases the chances of your message being entirely overlooked.

Your subscriber may be reluctant to open emails with attachments

especially if it is the first time they receive a marketing email from your side for the fear of virus attacks to their computers, which is a legitimate worry in this case.

Attachments increase the size of data

you are sending via email which causes a server overload and affects the performance of your marketing campaign.

Decreased visibility and usability:

often times subscribers wouldn’t be encouraged to take on an attachment download (especially a large size attachment) and go through it carefully to get your message about an offer or service. After all, subscribers look take email marketing as a shortcut pin-point approach to gain information about something they are interested, so having to download a PDF and go through it is too cumbersome and discouraging.

Not for mobile phone

If the customer is accessing your email via a mobile phone then there is a good change your attachment will be either disrupted or not viewable.



Then, what to do?

Click here, you can see an HTML links as an alternative.

There are certainly better alternatives to get your message to the target customer than attaching a lengthy PDF attachment that will be probably dismissed immediately. A marketing email should at all times include to-the-point information to make sure it is easily readable to subscribers. Additional information can be added in the form of HTML links embedded into your email message to offer the subscriber a lee-way to access further information on your product without having to download anything to their computer but rather by re-directing them to a web page. This is a great way to improve the user experience without having to overly cut-out information that you think is necessary for the customer to know about.

As opposed to PDF attachments, holding your information is an HTML page source improves email forwarding without loss of information, whereas emails may be forwarded missing PDF attachments rendering them useless in a marketing campaign. Another advantage of embedding HTML sources into your email campaign is you hold on to a small-size e-mail that is not likely to affect your server traffic conversely nor cause deliverability issues.

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