Fall in love with Google with these 6 SEO practices, even if you are a beginner

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Satisfy the search engine and position your website higher


What is Google passionate about everything? What does the search engine like the most?

If you ignore what he wants, you condemn your website to remain hidden in the infinite ocean of blogs, websites, and pages that subsist on the Internet.

On the contrary, Google has its preferences and if you know and satisfy them, the search engine will reward your effort by positioning your website higher.

You do not need to be an expert to use these SEO practices because through this article I will show you the wishes of the search engine and how to please them:

SEO practices

 The 6 best SEO practices that Google loves


1) Link popularity

Link popularity is the prestige of your website and is determined by the number of links from other online sites that point to your page, as well as the number of links that leave your website to other pages.

You can use some tricks to increase the popularity of your web link. For example, make comments on other blogs or news that appeal to you and accompany them with a URL of your web page, which is of interest to the subject they are dealing with.

You can also increase the link popularity through social networks. To do this, share your articles in which you are most interested and Google will reward you.

In short, if your website is linked from many other pages, the search engine will interpret that your online site is relevant and will reward you by giving you a very good position.


2) The meta tags

The meta tag is information that you must include in your web page. This code is not seen by users, but Google does.

The meta tag contains the title of the web page and a summary of the content of the same. It also includes the keywords that define the theme of the page. Meta tags are very important for SEO, so it’s important that you do not neglect them.

To make it easier to manage and include the meta tags, you can use the Yoast Seo plugin, whose free version works very well.


3) Use keywords in your images.

Many bloggers and writers do not name the images they upload to their online site, even though it is one of the elements that Google takes into account. Therefore, it is worth losing a couple of minutes to conceptualize the images you upload to your website with keywords or synonyms. This is a good SEO practice highly valued by Google.

SEO practices keywords

4) Fill in the property option of your graphics files.

Your graphic files have a property option that indicates, among other things, how much the file weighs, by whom it has been created and what it contains. Refill it with the keywords, describe well what the image is about and the search engine will reward you very well with this habit.


5) Advertising and journalistic texts.

Google likes good copywriting, engaging texts and shocking headlines. That is why, the advertising texts, which attract and retain the reader and the journalistic texts, that respond to the main questions of the user, are highly valued by the search engine and, of course, also by the users.

The advertising and journalistic texts catch the interest and attention of the reader, getting them to stay longer on your website and this for Google is a sign of the value of it.

If you want to learn to write attractive texts, you may be interested in this post: how to write texts that captivate clients.

“Google rewards pages that contain more than 1,500 words”


On the other hand, the extension and the periodic update of the page are also very important. The search engine rewards those pages that contain texts over 1,500 words and values the continuous updating of contents.


6) Google’s own products.

If there is something that Google loves above all are its own products. Therefore, if you have not yet opened a profile on Google Plus, it is worthwhile to do so, update the information and start sharing your content and other websites. Remember that they must be relevant to your sector.

With a profile of Google Plus, your effort in SEO will have very good results and you will position yourself before the websites of the competition.

In addition, if you have followers and readers in this social network, the search engine will consider that you have greater authority in the subject (author Rank) and you will enjoy a more prominent position in the results than your lesser-known colleagues.



You see that satisfying the demands of Google is very important to position your website. It is a work of constancy, but if you incorporate it into your usual work routine you will begin to notice the results in the medium and long term, improving the authority of your page, getting more followers and greater visibility.

Is it worth it?

Remove your website from anonymity. Get up and running and apply these 6 easy SEO tips to make your readers and Google fall in love.

And if you want to deepen further and know SEO trends this year, you can complement the reading with this article: the SEO ranking factors in 2018.

What do you think about the likes of Google? I wait for you in the comments below.

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