Synergy, my concept

By June 11, 2017digital marketing

Synergy is what moves the world

I always see myself as part of a team. Small or big, I felt fine. I love to collaborate and create a nice ambiance for working altogether. In 2010 I started as an entrepreneur with a partner. It was ok but after one year we took different paths. Since the beginning I had a very clear idea:  find the best way to connect with my clients. But as well, with the rest of professionals in my field. I knew I was starting and I had to learn a lot, so, why not to learn from someone better? but, how? collaborating with them creating synergy.

I had both, people who love to collaborate, and people who directly don’t care. With time, I learn to ignore this bad vibes and focus only on who wants to build something together.

I failed a lot, I don´t want to lie, and I will do it, but I want to trust in people. I want to collaborate more and more, I want to produce more and more synergy.

But, what synergy is mean to me?

For me,  synergy is collaborating with people, is to be humble, is to forget the EGO and see a common benefit.

For me, synergy is not to see your competition as a rival but as a partner.

synergy is 2+2=5.

synergy is to create a team for an only difficult project with great professionals, not to be afraid of the rest of participants in the competition, and succeeded. how? being working with creating people, it´s by itself a success. To be published our project in the most important press of architecture, that´s succeeded for us. You can see the project  here.

What I mean, it´s that thank three generous professionals, I found a great team to work with, where we created a synergy even bigger than we thought.




But, of course, synergy is an antagonist with a comfort zone. You have to be humble to leave for a moment your path and try to find the common one with other people.

If anytime you find a great team to work with, try to do it, for sure you will never lose your time, you always will learn something for the future.

Thank this ideal, we have Microsoft, Apple, The Beatles…we have so many greats teams in our society that in the beginning, they had to trust on the team, trust on them self, and trust on the synergy between them.

let me a comment and share with all what is means synergy for you!


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