The 6 best tips to increase your sales with email marketing

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Get your customers to wait for your emails


Do you receive dozens of emails every day? Do you have time to open them all? Probably the answer is no. So the next question is, which ones do you choose? In what emails do you decide to invest the little time you have?

Let me guess … the most likely is that you choose those messages that are more aligned with your interests, those senders that you remember because in your last shipment they sent you offers that interested you, those that give you information that entertains you or helps you. In short, the senders who take care of the details and make you feel the center of the universe. Because, in fact, in our mailboxes, we are the protagonists.

If as a company you understand the consumer’s point of view, you can better interpret the interests of your customers and predispose them to open your emails. And you wonder, how I can get them to wait for my messages with enthusiasm and select them among the marabunta of emails they receive every day?

In today’s post, you will learn the benefits of email marketing and discover the 5 details to take care of so that your email list drives business.


What is email marketing?

It is neither more nor less than advertising through email. Email marketing allows you to send mass emails to a group of contacts, who have previously provided you with an email through a subscription form. This technique is direct, but not invasive since the user has agreed to receive it. So for companies, it’s a great opportunity to connect with your potential customers and build loyalty. If you want to know in a schematic way everything you need to send mass emails I advise this post of Mailrelay: send mass emails, definition, benefits, problem-solving and strategy.




Details to take care of in email marketing to boost your business


Email marketing requires great subtlety and attention to detail. The user receives a huge volume of emails every day and spam floods the inboxes, so getting them to open your email is not an easy task. To make matters worse, there are programs that filter commercial emails and send them directly to the trash.

Therefore, we must take care of every detail or your email marketing strategy can go directly down the drain:


1) Write close and attractive headlines for the matter

The first thing that the reader will see in your inbox is the subject of your mail and after scanning it will decide whether to open it or not. It’s that simple. Therefore, watch copywriting and work an attractive headline that grabs the reader’s attention

Also, get in the situation and think that your subscriber can read your emails at work, but also in the privacy of your home. Hence, it is recommended that you use a language nearby as if you were talking directly with a friend. Remember that even if your mailings are massive, the reader wants to feel special and perceive that your mail speaks especially to him.


2) The database

The database can be yours or you can acquire it from a third party. The first option is the ideal one, but also the one that requires the most time and work. In order for a reader to provide you with your email in exchange, you will have to offer them valuable information.


“If you acquire the mails of a third party, check them with the Robinson list”


The other option you have is to acquire the database of a third party. If you choose this alternative, be sure of the origin of the data, make sure they are not duplicated and contrast them with the Robinson list.

The people enrolled in this list are those who do not want to receive advertising in their emails. This directory is managed by the Data Protection Agency, so if you acquire emails in this way be very careful and check that your people are not subscribed to it.


3) Send value information and specific offers

Provide information in your emails of interest to your readers and from time to time specific offers about your company. Send them interesting messages and according to their tastes and interests, otherwise, they will not open the next email you send and they will send it to your trash.


4) Include a URL inside your email.

Do not forget to include a URL in your email so that your reader and potential customer can click and access your content. Watch this URL is friendly and under no circumstances insert an IP address consisting of numbers, as it will induce blocking programs to send your message directly to the trash.


5) Facilitate the forwarding of your emails

If your information is interesting, the reader may want to share it with friends or co-workers. Therefore, it is convenient to remind the user that he can share your emails and provide this option. In this way, you get a customer to become a seller of your brand and that will be your best advertising.


email marketing 2


6) Analyze the email marketing strategies of large

If you want to do well, learn from the best. Why do not you subscribe to the Amazon or Zappos mailing list and analyze their email marketing strategies? They have large marketing departments that have already studied all this and a large part of their success is based on sending periodic emails.

Take advantage of your work! Analyze the delivery time of your emails, the type of offers they send and how they write mail matters. If you want to know how often it is advisable to send your emails you can read this post: How often is it ok to send an email to your customers?

You can also subscribe to the mailing list of your main competitors and analyze their email marketing campaigns.



A careful email marketing list can be your best advertisement.

Why bore your readers with tedious business? Why not facilitate the forwarding of your emails to a friend? Why torpedo them with unimportant issues?

Believe me, it does you a disservice to you and your business.

On the other hand, if you take care of the details, you will get faithful readers and possible clients.

Start pampering your readers, so they can look forward to your emails. Only then you will get your email marketing campaigns to boost your business.

Put yourself in the place of your clients. Offer them what you would like for you. Surely they receive dozens of emails every day. Do you think they have time to open them all or just opt for some?

I will love knowing your opinion.

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