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He understood properly all the needs of the visual identity of my company. In 2016 he was in charge to restyle the visual identity and the web. Also, we make the visit cards, corporative folders, video for social media and in 2020 a complety new web.

Dlinea Architecture & DesignLuxembourg

He was fast, proper, and expose properly to the essence of my company in the web that he design for us.


It was interesting for my company to meet David because in him we found an all-in-one provider for the restyling of our visual identity, logo, web, and visit cards, so all the process was easier and faster than usually.


Thanks to the personalized work of AtelierDavidSanchez I have achieved a visual identity that perfectly fits my artistic profile, thus allowing me to highlight my main features in a profession in which the differentiating element is made up of small details that make up a whole in which both On my website as well as on my logo, there is a clear desire to bring together the intuitive and natural with the sophisticated and elegant.

José ColoméSpain

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David Sánchez

I´m a Digital Communications Consultant based in Brussels.

Your SME has great services, a great team, and great experience, but now you see it is time to adjust your business to the new reality.
I will analyze your actual situation and create a digital communication plan in order to achieve your goals. I will implement this plan to make sure all the actions are well integrated into each other. Lastly, and most importantly, I will analyze the data to make sure we get your desired results.

Let´s make the world know you.