How to earn money online: discover the business models that best suit you

Before embarking on your online adventure study the alternatives at your fingertips


Start your own business, make money online, set your schedules and make your own decisions …

These are just some of the benefits you can get if you start an online business.

However, you should know the main business models that exist and which are best suited to you, since, otherwise, you can start on the wrong path and lose money.

It is true, there are numerous ways to earn money online … but you must know them and choose accordingly.

Earn money onlineLearn the 3 ways to earn money online

1) E-commerce

It is the best-known model. It consists of the sale of products or services through the Internet and its final objective is to close a sale.

There are different variations of e-commerce:

  1. Pure E-commerce: its mission is to close the sale and its payment electronically. Therefore, an online store includes detailed information about the products, since visitors will base their purchase decision on the information provided and on the perception of trust of the website.
  2. Mixed e-commerce: in this business model, online sales are combined with physical sales. It has become commonplace in traditionally physical businesses, as it opens up new opportunities.
    Some of the companies that make a mixed model are El Corte Inglés  or Worten.
  1. earn money online worten
  2. E-commerce services: Consists of online sales of services to companies or individuals such as a trip, insurance or online training. This model is also booming, since many entrepreneurs sell their services through the Internet. It can be applied to all traditional services such as consultants, managers, technicians or freelance designers. If you want to know how to grow your online business I recommend this post: 5 ways to boost up your business using digital marketing

2) Advertising-based models

This business model is what is traditionally used by the media. Although now you can also use the owner of a web page and even a blog.

It consists of making available to advertisers some advertising spaces within the website for which you will get an economic reward. Of course, the medium, web or blog must reach a critical mass of people, otherwise, no advertiser will be interested in space.

3) Affiliation models

The affiliate model works like a reward system. Affiliated companies or websites send users to another website and if they realize a specific goal (click on a banner, register or buy), the affiliate will get a premium for it.

“The affiliate model works like a reward system”

For example a blog that talks about babies can send users to an online baby store and if they buy, the owner of the blog will receive a reward.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, I recommend you to get to know AWIN, a global affiliate marketing network that allows advertisers and affiliates of all sizes to grow their business online.

Choose with head

There are more business models that will allow you to earn money online, although I have presented the main ones. Before undertaking your online adventure study the alternatives at your fingertips and choose the one that best suits you.

Do not embark on a sector that you do not know anything about since you will probably fail.

On the contrary, if you choose your business model with a head and work with energy, you can achieve what you set out to do and live as you have always dreamed.

Do you already know which model is best suited to you?

I wait for your answer…

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