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What makes it most preferred tactics to rank your website


There are many opportunities to increase the traffic to your website. However, you got to ensure that the search engines are available to access your website. You must not forget that your website will have a good rank only if the search engines can crawl your website efficiently. The serious issues for accessibility cannot be solved by the social shares and links.

The SEO crawling can assist to build your link efficiently. You should get started in such a way that you do not need to cripple yourself while creating a link. All the target pages should be indexed in an accessible website. It should also have the opportunity to rank the target keywords.  Crawling is considered as one of the leading tactics to keep things in a logical structure. You need to check that the search engines must crawl the web pages you want to target for your website visitors. Situations arise when search engine fails to crawl the specific pages of your website. So you should have to look at the potential problems to make your website crawlable.

Some of the major factors that play important roles in the backend of crawling are:

  • Domain Name
  • Internal Linking
  • Backlinks
  • Duplicate content
  • XML Sitemap
  • URL Canonicalization
  • Meta Tags



Good website architecture is not only advantageous for the users but also for the search engines. The essential pages should be found easily with just a few clicks from the home page. The rest of the site can flow with the page rank as they have a link to your homepage. The key pages can be found by the website visitors quickly if you increase their likelihood and follow according to their choice.

The product pages can be taken as an example if you own a commercial site. The other consideration you need to take into account is your keyword should map with the research. A good category structure with essential products is required on the home page if you have millions of pages for your website. You can also plan to implement a faceted navigation for your website. The faceted navigation will allow the user to adapt to their requirements. They can filter according to their choice.

It is easy to filter a broad set of results very quickly by clicking on the attributes. This is an excellent technique in the e-commerce sites because the products will vary in size, color, and brand. The users find it easier on the large websites and get into the targeted web pages quickly.

Use JavaScript for Links

Many industry experts also advise not to make use of the Javascript for any links that in general present on your website. You must understand that these Javascript anchor text links are written in such a manner that a search engine finds it challenging to crawl the links. Though these days’ spiders with improved features are getting smarter, a grey cloud still appears on this topic. So, the best you can do is to stick to regular HTML.

seo-crawling-3.pgPDF and PowerPoint Files

Search Engines can crawl PDF’s, but as discussed in the previous section, just in case links that are found within a PDF document carry less weight. The same rule also applies to the situation when links are present in PowerPoint files. Thus, the best tactic to opt is used a text-based program like Microsoft Word for the creation of PDF’s, as it guarantees in proper indexing of entire content.

Besides all these, also ensure to keep updating the content at regular intervals and keep it new. In fact, make sure there is no duplicity of text and make your content unique. Moreover, to fix the issue related to the proper crawling of your websites, you can view crawl report with the help of different tools. In fact, a good insight form a report can further assist in analyzing every aspect related to web crawling.  Also, ensure to not to make use of Black Hat SEO techniques to optimize your web page. To crawl your website, always follow the best ethical ways.

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