Add “web design by” into the footer of a child theme in WordPress

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Design your footer in wordpress

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Do you want to add “web design by…” the footer of your WordPress page? Do you want to add a link to your website? are you using a Child theme? If this is your situation and as well, you are not an expert in PHP I want to tell you an easy way to do it.

First, make sure your theme hasn’t got the option to customize the footer.  If you can, just try it in your Dashboard. If not, we have to know what we need.

You want to change the footer and add “web design by….” so,  you have to change the HTML of the footer. The HTML for the footer is included in a PHP file called “footer.php” on your server. Whatever HTML and PHP code are included in this file it will show up in all the footers of your website.


1. Go to your cPanel in your hosting

2. Enter in to your File Manager



3. Find the Parent theme folder

You have to go to the  “public_html” folder and try to find the folder “wp-content” and then “Themes” you will find the file “footer.php”.


4. Download it

Find the parent theme and download the “footer.php” by clicking on it.


5. Find the HTML you want to edit

Once you have it on your computer, open it in Sublime or similar text editor. Then, be patience and try to find where it has to be your edition. If you know HTML it will be easy. I try to find where is the text of the Copyright and edit it.


6. Add what you need

For example, I add a link to my web. Something like this:

<p>Web design by <a href="">AtelierDavidSanchez</a></p>


7. Go back to your File Manager from your hosting

Now, go to the Child theme folder


8. Upload the “footer.php” edited to the CHILD THEME

Upload the file “footer.php” edited directly to the Child theme.

With this, you can have. Of course, if you prefer you can edit the code directly in your File Manager from your hosting. As well you can edit directly in the Dashboard from WordPress. I recommend you to do it with Sublime or another text editor just because can be easier to find wich line of code you have to change.


I hope this help you somehow. I´m just showing a way to do it. If you know other way leave a comment here!. To know more about my activity subscribe to my newsletter 😀

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