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If you plan to internationalize your company, you have the opportunity to train your workers to approach this project with the necessary knowledge. Institutions such as Extenda or Iberglobal offer internationalization courses for companies interested in training their technicians and directors.

In the case of Extenda, an instrument dependent on the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge of the Junta de Andalucía, it makes available to interested entrepreneurs:

1) Internationalization courses offered by highly specialized institutions: in Andalusia, in different countries and with training support service to institutions.

2) Customized internationalization courses, proposed by the companies themselves.

In addition, your company will have access to Specialized Human Resources, with international work experience, through the Scholarship service.

Another option offered by these organizations is the possibility of hiring an internationalization expert who will offer tailor-made consulting services. In particular, he will provide you with an individualized advice to help your company initiate and consolidate its international positioning in an integral way. A support that you can count on throughout your internationalization process. If you are interested in this service, know in this article what an Extenda consultant can do for your company: “Competent information is essential to internationalize your company”.


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Other private entities such as Iberglobal also offer consulting services in support of the companies’ internationalization activities.

Some of the services offered by Iberglobal are:

– Design of internationalization strategies and design of export plans.

– Advice and management in financing issues of international operations: both for export and for investment operations.

– Advice and management on issues of export credit insurance.

– Advice and management of public aid for internationalization.

– Access to markets: advice and support for business development in international markets.

– Design and execution of training programs, online and face-to-face, aimed at training the company’s personnel.


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Information is a fundamental tool in the process of internationalization of a company since it reduces risks and encourages action. Get studies and sector catalogs to address the internationalization process with the most complete information of your sector and form through internationalization courses to the right people of your company to undertake this project successfully.

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